2004 U.S. Presidential Voter Guide

A look at where President George W. Bush and Senator John

Forbes Kerry stand on issues of importance to Christians.

(Note: We did not include Ralph Nader or the other 70+ candidates for President who are not in a position to win the election.  For those who are upset that we are not listing the Constitution Party candidate this year, please read the following commentary by David Kupelian of Worldnet Daily.  Kupelian prefers the Constitution Party Platform, but he is not voting for the C.P. candidate this year, for a very good reason.  Click here to read his commentary.)

"....select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders" (Exodus 18:21 NASB)


Pres. George Walker Bush

Sen. John Forbes Kerry



Party: Republican

Birthdate: 07/06/1946
Birthplace: New Haven, CT
Home City: Crawford, TX
Religion: Methodist

MBA, Harvard University, 1975
BA, History, Yale University, 1968.

Political Experience:
President, United States of America, 2000-present
Governor of Texas, 1994-2000
Candidate, United States House of Representatives, 1978.

Current Office: President
Office Seeking: President
First Elected: 2000
Last Elected: 2000
Next Election: 2004

Party: Democrat

Birthdate: 12/11/1943
Birthplace: Aurora, CO
Home City: Boston, MA
Religion: Roman Catholic

JD, Boston College Law School, 1976
BA, Political Science, Yale University, 1966.

Political Experience:
Senator, United States Senate, 1984-present
Lieutenant Governor, Massachusetts, 1983-1985
Democratic Nominee, United States House of Representatives, 1972.

Current Office: U.S. Senator
Office Seeking: President
First Elected: 11/06/1984
Last Elected: 11/05/2002
Next Election: 2008

Partial Birth Abortion Opposes.  Signed legislation banning partial birth abortion on 11/5/03.  QUOTE: Every person, however frail or vulnerable, has a place and a purpose in this world. Every person has a special dignity. This right to life cannot be granted or denied by government, because it does not come from government, it comes from the Creator of life.” – President Bush, PBA Ban Signing Ceremony, 11/5/03. Supports. Voted against ban on partial birth abortions three times.  Won’t appoint pro-life justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.  QUOTE: “There's no such thing as a quote ‘partial birth.’ It is a late term abortion.  They've done a very effective job of giving people a sense of fear about it and it's part of their assault on the rights of women in America. It is the first step in their effort – there's nothing partial, may I say, about their effort to undue Roe v. Wade….  I will support no person to the Supreme Court of the United States whose philosophy is to undue Roe v. Wade.” – Senator Kerry, Democratic Presidential Debate, 11/5/03.
Gay Marriage Opposes.  Supports Defense of Marriage Act.  Has stated he will sign a Federal Marriage Amendment if it reaches his desk.  QUOTE:I believe in the sanctity of marriage….  I think…history has shown us that marriage between men and women has served society well, and any redefinition by itself will weaken marriage.  Secondly, this is a subject which ought not be decided by courts.” – President Bush, Ask President Bush Event, 7/9/04 Voted against Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.  Opposes gay marriage, but supports civil unions.  Opposes Federal Marriage Amendment.  QUOTE:  I personally have taken the position I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. That's my position. And I think that's the way you respect both traditional values, but you can allow civil unions, which protects the rights of people in America not to be discriminated against. And I think you can balance that. And I think it's appropriate to. But I do think that it ought to be left to the states.” – Senator Kerry, Howard University, 4/15/04.   
Israel Supports Israel’s right to self-defense, including the erection of the security fence.  The Bush Administration has stood with Israel against overwhelming opposition at the United Nations. Supports Israel’s right to self-defense, including the erection of the security fence.  Wants to work with Europe to foster dialogue between Israel and Palestine. 

Signed bill banning virtual child pornography.  QUOTE:The new law also confronts an evil that is too often a cause of child abuse and abduction in America -- the evil of child pornography…. Obscene images of children, no matter how they are made, incite abuse, raise the dangers to children and will not be tolerated in America.” – President Bush, Signing ceremony of S.151, 4/30/03


Pornography can have debilitating effects on communities, marriages, families, and children.” President Bush, on signing proclamation of Freedom from Pornography Week, 10/25/03

Did not vote on bill banning virtual child pornography.  No quotes addressing pornography found in LexisNexis.
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Supports use existing 22 lines of embryonic stem cells for research as well as adult stem cells.  Some embryos exist for in vitro fertilization, and will be discarded due to age or viability.  Use them only. Don’t harvest any new embryonic stem cells  QUOTE:I also believe human life is a sacred gift from our Creator. I worry about a culture that devalues life, and believe as your President I have an important obligation to foster and encourage respect for life in America and throughout the world.” – President Bush, Statement on Stem Cell Research, 8/9/01 Supports federal funding for full range of embryonic stem cell research.  QUOTE:This is not the way we do things in America. Here in America, we don't sacrifice science for ideology….  And that's why we must lift the ban on stem cell research - and do so immediately.” – Senator Kerry, Radio Address to the Nation, 8/7/04.
Human Cloning Opposes.  QUOTE:Like most Americans, I believe human cloning is deeply troubling, and I strongly support efforts by Congress to ban all human cloning. We must advance the promise and cause of medical science, including through ethical stem cell research, yet we must do so in ways that respect human dignity and help build a culture of life.” – President Bush, Statement on Human Cloning, 2/27/03 Opposes reproductive human cloning, but supports cloning at the cellular level.  QUOTE:And while I oppose reproductive cloning, I will support research in therapies that allow an individual's own cells to treat or cure that person's disease.” – Senator Kerry, Stanford University, 12/8/03. 
Faith – Politics

I especially feel that because I believe in prayer. I pray. I pray for strength, I pray for guidance, I pray for forgiveness. And I pray to offer my thanks for a kind and generous Almighty God.” – President Bush, National Prayer Breakfast, 2/6/03


My faith sustains me because I pray daily. I pray for guidance and wisdom and strength.” – President Bush, National Press Conference, 3/6/03

I was an altar boy. There was a period in my life where religion was a huge part of my life and I thought, perhaps, as a young man, of going into the priesthood. That changed. My experience in Vietnam had a profound impact on my views and, to a certain degree, made me question for a period of time. And then I came back to practice that had a deeper and more fundamental understanding of my own relationship. But I have always separated it from public life. I've always viewed that as critical. I think I am who I am. My entire person is affected by my belief structure, by the values given to me both through my parents and through religion, but I don't make decisions in public life based on religious belief, nor do I think we should. I think that there is a separation of church and state, and whatever the doctrine of your state is has to guide you, but you don't make it based on that.” – Senator Kerry, NPR Democratic Presidential Debate, 1/6/04


ENDORSEMENT:  Senator Kerry frequently accuses President Bush of "crossing the line" of separation between church and state.  Kerry doesn't explain what he means.  His support of President Bush's faith-based initiatives leads us to conclude that his criticism lies in President Bush's unashamed and frequent acknowledgement of God.  We at Contender Ministries believe a person's religious beliefs should affect his or her worldview, and consequently their position on issues of public policy.  President Bush's position on the issues above, coupled with his open profession of his Christian faith is something we admire.  Senator Kerry appears to have a mistaken and unconstitutional view on the so-called separation of church and state.  Such a position could pose a threat to the religious freedoms of Americans.  Therefore, Contender Ministries fully supports and endorses the re-election of George W. Bush for the position of President of the United States of America. 

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