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The World Summit's Human Integration Agenda

Contender Ministries

Posted:  September 02, 2002


Overpopulation, global warming, over-consumption of resources, and the tragic inequality between North and South.  These are the messages coming out of the World Summit on Sustainable Development being held in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The media dutifully reports the tragic consequence of humankind's irresponsible birthrate, lack of respect for "mother earth", and unfettered national sovereignty.  However, there is much you will not hear through the media.  In fact you will have to search long and hard for the information.  You will not be told that 97 percent of the land surface of the Earth is uninhabited.  You will not hear the historical evidence that cultures who in the past have worshiped nature also tended toward human sacrifice.  You will be told your SUV is destroying the ozone layer, but you will not be told that the volcano that erupted in the Philippines years ago released more gasses into the atmosphere than all the automobiles and factories in human history combined.  The reason for this disinformation, or lack of fair and balanced discussion is found in the other World Summit forums and discussions that are also not being reported on by the world's media.  It can be summed up in the agenda of the global interfaith movement that is working more closely and effectively within the U.N. system than ever before. 

In April, 2002, the Baha'i Universal House of Justice published a statement that was distributed to 1,600 religious leaders in more than 40 countries throughout the world.  This statement is also being considered at the World Summit on Sustainable Development along with other proposals from the Council of Churches and the numerous other interfaith NGO's working with the United Nations.  The dialogue, largely unreported, should be of concern to all evangelical Christians who believe in the Great Commission and care about the souls of those around us. 

The Baha'i statement warns that "rising fires of religious prejudice threaten to ignite a worldwide conflagration, and urges all religious leaders to condemn fanaticism, renounce claims to exclusivity or finality, and to embrace interfaith dialogue as the only means to the promised peace."  The message calls for "decisive action to eradicate religious intolerance."  What do they consider religious intolerance.  Intolerance according to Dr. Karan Singh, chairman of the Temple of Understanding, is not accepting the belief that all paths lead to the divine.  It is the act of deviating from the "trend toward oneness".   

This widely received and highly acclaimed document praises the successes made in eradicating prejudices based on gender, race, and nationality, but points to religious prejudice as the remaining obstacle to "human integration".  The United Nations, according to these "religious leaders", is the answer to the world's cultural ills.  However, the U.N. has not done enough, they say, to "eradicate religious fanaticism and address religious bigotry as a major obstacle to peace and well being".  Eager to create a peaceful global order, they stress that religion must be dealt with expeditiously and globally. 

In the endnote of the document, religious leaders are called on to "exorcise religious bigotry and superstition from within their faith tradition, and renounce any claims to exclusivity."  At Contender Ministries, we believe the Bible when it says that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father but by Him.  According to our global "religious leaders", unless you are willing to deny this truth and accept a humanist version of your faith, you must be exorcised from your faith tradition.  A section of the document titled "United Nations Possible Next Steps" explains more clearly what that would involve. 

Among suggestions for strengthening the United Nations involvement in "humankind's religious future", were, hosting a convention on religious freedom to be ratified as expeditiously as possible by the governments of the world, followed by the establishment of a permanent religious forum within the United Nations system.  The goal of this body would be to fully integrate religion into the United Nations work.  By regulating religion on a global scale, they hope to further their goal of creating a new world order and fulfilling the United Nation's global mandate. 

Interestingly, the leaders representing the world in this new U.N. body would be limited to leaders who "can show that they are worthy of participation in the forum".  "Worthy leaders", according to the statement, are those leaders who embrace an inclusive view of religion.  They must accept that all paths lead to God, and that  a belief in one absolute truth over another is the remaining obstacle to world peace.  There will be no Bible-believing Christians in this forum.  In fact, a belief in Christ as the one and only savior will be one of the "corrosive beliefs" this forum is tasked with eradicating. 

Another initial suggestion for ridding the world of the "corrosive belief" in one truth, is the ratification of international conventions on education and the media.  The function of these conventions would be to "unreservedly condemn and forcefully sanction those who, in the name of religion, use education and the media to oppress freedom of conscience, and to promote division, hatred, terrorism, violence and bloodshed".  In the name of world peace they hope to eliminate any voice of opposition to the religion of humanism.  A belief in Jesus Christ, under this form of government, would surely oppress someone's "freedom of conscience", and must therefore be forcefully sanctioned.  Intolerance of Christian beliefs, however, would undoubtedly bring one closer to that elusive oneness, or nothingness, these enlightened leaders are working diligently to usher in. 

The Baha'i document warns that the longer the United Nations delays including religion in its work, the longer humanity will suffer the ravages of disunity.  Non-humanistic faiths are the root of all evil according to the enlightened global elite.  We are beginning to see the fruits of the interfaith movement's labors.  Their message is being introduced through the media and our schools, albeit slowly and cautiously.  Be watching for a renewed effort coming out of the world summit--an effort to direct our attention to religion as the remaining obstacle to peace in our world.  Religion is now being targeted as the remaining global source of hatred, exclusivity, oppression, denial of equality, glorification of materialism, and violence.  The hope is that they can scare the world into believing that only our enlightened global leaders can bring peace.  It is religion and "unfettered national sovereignty", that must be destroyed to control the world's people and usher in the reign of antichrist, or as these enlightened people prefer to call him, "the great teacher". 

Religion has already become a major part of the United Nations.  Numerous New Age NGO's work closely with the U.N.  The International Seminar on the Environment, Religion and Culture, held in Iran this year in collaboration with UNEP, was one of many interfaith gatherings that are a part of the process of integrating Earth worship and other pagan religions into the United Nations.  The goal being to bring the majority of the world's faiths into the fold and create a global religion capable of deceiving millions under the rule and leadership of the antichrist. 

Unfortunately, increasing numbers of "Christian" faiths are falling for this deceptive utopian ideal.  The Bible tells us that in the end many will fall away from the faith.  Sadly we are seeing that happen in our generation.  We must not sit back and watch, however.  It is important as contenders for the faith to know our enemy.  There are those who don't have what you have through Christ, and it is incumbent upon all of us who have been blessed with a loving relationship with Jesus Christ to share it with others, and warn them of the deception that will soon be introduced to them in a most subtle and convincing way.  Let God use you to share the truth of Christ with those around you.  We are all that stands in the way of a lie becoming "truth" to a multitude of lost people.