Number 2 in a series

Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries

II Timothy 3:1-8   But mark this:  There will be terrible times in the last days.  People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God - having a form of godliness, but denying its power.  Have nothing to do with them.


We know through Biblical prophecy that the end times will see a system of global governance and one world religion.  We know that this framework will be used by the Antichrist to deceive many.  You may not realize, however, how close we are to these events coming to fruition.  This second article in our series on the United Nations, will explore the Earth Charter and the chilling groundwork it lays for just such events.


Since 1995, Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong have co-chaired a global process with the purpose of implementing the Earth Charter on a global scale and ushering in the one world religion.  The Earth Charter Commission approved the final text of the Earth Charter in 2000, and it has since been embraced by the United Nations, many religious leaders around the world, the majority of world governments and countless Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) and activist groups.  A little research into the principles and text of the Earth Charter document sheds new light on current political speeches, media reports, and news headlines of the day.  Environmental Groups and NGO's who participate in the Earth Charter Dialogues are succeeding in their demand for more airtime of ecological disasters, environmental devastation and other sustainable development obstacles.  Under the cloak of an environmental crisis and impending doom, they hope to gain wide acceptance of the Earth Charter, which contains much more than a new environmental policy.  How many times lately have you heard the terms "global community", "globalization", "world economy", "sustainable development" or "interdependent world"?  These are all phrases that appear throughout the Earth Charter along with other New Age terms such as "circles of compassion", "triangles of meditation", "reverence for Earth and Cosmos", and "Mother Earth".


With the completion of the Earth Charter and its establishment as part of the United Nations agenda for strengthening globalization, the Earth Charter Commission felt that a forum of world leaders, NGO's and members of civil society was needed to mobilize the rapid implementation of this planet-saving document and to discuss other globalization agenda items.  To meet this need, the Earth Dialogues were formed by Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong, bringing together representatives of civil society, as well as government leaders, international organizations, and leaders in finance, business, religion, media, and academia, to plan the dawning of the New Age.


Reinvigorated by the terrorist attacks on 9/11, The Earth Dialogs timed their most recent forum in Lyon to precede the International Conference on Financing and Development to be held in March 2002, and the World Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in September 2002.


Several roundtable forums were held covering such Earth Charter topics as "Ethical and Spiritual Challenges", "Ethics related Obstacles", and "Media and Communications Challenges".  Perhaps most revealing was the roundtable for Inter-Religious Groups and Spiritual Leaders.  As stated in the forums official meeting minutes, this roundtable was held to deal with "the ethics of intolerant righteousness and of greed of short term gain, as these cannot lead us to sustainable development despite enduring beliefs in the one right religion or the invisible hand."  In section B of the minutes, all participants agreed that "religion has its dark side and the religions of the world tend to be exclusivist in their relations to one another."  They go on to say, "It is clear that our religious institutions have barely begun to articulate the core values for a sustainable development.  In their fundamentalist - fanatical forms, religions throughout history have justified terrorism, jihads and crusades against people who hold different beliefs and against the Earth itself."


While supporters of the Earth Charter lump all religions together and portray them as the main obstacle to peaceful coexistence and sustainable life on Earth, they do not propose doing away with spirituality.  The Earth Charter goes into detail about the need for faith and spirituality in human life.  The preamble of the charter states "the spirit of human solidarity and kinship with all life is strengthened when we live with reverence for the mystery of being, gratitude for the gift of life, and humility regarding the human place in nature."  Section 14 d. says that we must "recognize the importance of moral and spiritual education for sustainable living."


So, what spiritual beliefs do support sustainable development?  In Session II of the roundtable for Religious and Spiritual leaders, we are called to "move from an exclusive preoccupation with Divine-human relations and human-human relations to renew human - Earth relations."  In other words, Earth worship should replace any belief in a divine being.  A requirement for achieving this goal, according to these "religious leaders", is "the voices of spiritual traditions along with secular humanism".  They envision for the religions of the world "a major transformation from their theological and anthropological phase to their ecological and cosmological phase."  Following one of the major themes of the New Age Movement, humanity is spiritually evolving from being worshipers of God to being gods ourselves.  As they put it, "the human person is becoming de-centered and re-centered amidst the great concentric circles of life."  If you've spent much time around members of the New Age Movement, you know that becoming "centered" is a major part of ones spirituality.


The forum of religious leaders concluded by agreeing on 5 shared principles, deeply embedded in the Earth Charter that they feel must be addressed.  These 5 principles are as follows:


  • Reverence for Earth and the Cosmos
  • Respect for myriad species
  • Restraint in the use of natural resources
  • Redistribution of wealth and resources
  • Responsibility for future generations and for the community of life.


So how do they plan to bring about this spiritual evolution, globalization, and reverence for Earth and Cosmos?  The roundtable participants put it this way:


"Education for sustainable development on all levels should include the history of the world's religions, historical and contemporary inter-religious dialogue and cooperation, and the creative engagement of the world's religions with peace, justice, and sustainability in a modern world.  Furthermore, the world's media need to be more aware and supportive of these ethical concerns and of initiatives to address them." 


One significant suggestion was made at the forum involving the creation of a world television channel devoted to issues of planetary concern.  It was also suggested that they bolster support for their new spiritual awakening at the Forum for Religion and Ecology, The Council for a Parliament of the world Religions, the World Faiths Development Dialogue among other forums, organizations and global conferences.  Through these channels, they hope to "clarify common values that most of the world's religions have in relation to the natural world".  Those who are willing to quietly accept the humanist, New Age agenda will be welcomed with open arms, while those who contend for their faith in the one true God and our savior Jesus Christ will be labeled intolerant and demonized as standing in the way of peace, global centeredness and faith in Mother Earth.


While the Earth Charter lays out much of the framework for a new global spirituality, many other forces are at work in our world to slowly lull us into believing in and accepting the global community -- A global community where our spiritual lives and our economic, legal, and governmental systems will be dictated to us all in the name of the greater good.  All of these forces, in the form of NGO's, business, non-profit organizations, media, academia, and New Age cults are working closely with the United Nations to usher in the New Age.


The Earth Charter Dialogues, through their roundtable forums, are working to establish a World Environmental Organization under the U.N., a World Tax to fund sustainable development, and, using the European Union as an example, they hope to regionalize the global community, thus creating a more efficient and manageable global system.  They are frustrated by the lack of a supremely powerful body to help implement their new world order and are working hard to strengthen global governance and eliminate nationalism.  Achieving these goals would, very smoothly, pave the way for such organizations as the Aquarian Age Community, who is working now to create a permanent spiritual forum within the U.N., and the Lucis Trust which views Mikhail Gorbachev as a premier world Leader and boasts members at the highest levels of the United Nations bureaucracy.  The Aquarian Age Community and the Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) Foundation will be covered in a future article, but suffice it to say there is no shortage of New Age and Occult influence at the United Nations.


Right under our noses the way is being paved for the prophesied one world religion and huge armies of volunteers are being amassed to usher it in.  Are we as Christians mobilizing our armies?  Are we reaching those who are most vulnerable to a promise of peace and love of Earth and Cosmos?  As Christians in the Lord's army, it is our duty to save as many as we can for Him.  Keep our nation and our world in your prayers, and remember that there is a lot of work to do in what might be a very short time.  While we don't know when our savior will return, we certainly don't want to be caught napping.  At least I hope we don't.


Contender Ministries