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I can hear many of your objections already.  You’re wondering what Roman Catholicism is doing listed as a false (aberrant) religion.  You think we’ve gone over the edge in profiling another Christian denomination as a cult.  You’re about ready to chuck your modem out the window, and the only reason you’ve read this far is out of a morbid curiosity.  Well, let me take a moment to address your concerns.

I will grant you that the Catholic Church shares a large number of Biblical beliefs with evangelical Christianity:  the inerrancy of the Bible, the Trinitarian nature of God, the virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ, as well as His crucifixion and resurrection.  In fact, we have no doubt that there are a number of born-again Christians within the Catholic Church. These Christians properly understand the biblical doctrine of salvation, and have developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   However, many of the official doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church are either un-Biblical or extra-Biblical.  In fact, the Catholics use a different Bible than Protestants.  Their Bible has more books within it, which accounts for some of the differences in Catholic doctrines.  Furthermore, the Catholic Church has traditionally held that salvation can be attained only through observance of their sacraments.  Therefore, they have set themselves apart as the only true church, and we must contend for the faith.

You ask, “Many different denominations share different interpretations of scripture.  So aren’t you just splitting hairs here?”   The answer is “no”, and here’s why.  The differences here are not based on whether one should be baptized by immersion or by sprinkling, and they are more important than whether there will be a pre-tribulation rapture or a post-tribulation rapture.  The differences here have to do with the most fundamental and foundational Christian doctrine – salvation.  Within Catholicism, the definitions related to salvation are different, and salvation is based on works.  Because of this, Catholics do not believe that anyone can be assured of their salvation.  This is incredibly sad and distressing!!

Our brief overview of Roman Catholic beliefs is presented for two reasons – to educate non-Catholics about the beliefs and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, and to show Catholics that one can indeed be assured of salvation.  Our ministry exists to contend for the truth, and to do so with love.  If we shied away from addressing the doctrines of Catholicism, simply because we may not be popular for doing so, we would be failing to carry out the Great Commission.  With that commission in mind, let us now take a look at the beliefs of Roman Catholicism.


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