Why Christian Persecution is Overlooked

Posted: September 25, 2002
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It happened again today. Yet another attack on Christians in Pakistan. Seven Pakistani Christians were shot in the head execution-style by Islamic fundamentalists. It’s not an isolated incident. It’s part of a larger pattern of persecution and religious violence perpetrated against Christians worldwide. From Pakistan to Libya, from the Philippines to Indonesia, Christians are being imprisoned, executed, raped, and slaughtered for one reason – their faith in Jesus Christ.

Where is the outrage? Where is the condemnation of the international “community?” Where are the United Nations resolutions? Oh, the UN is quick to pass resolutions condemning Israel for fighting back against homicide bombers. After all, the terrorists are culturally oppressed and misunderstood. But what of the plight of Christians?

It’s politically correct and chic to rush to the defense of Muslims. In the aftermath of 9/11, many people rushed to find fault with Islam. This fault-finding often took the form of recognizing that every one of the terrorists was Muslim, that Usama Bin Laden planned the attacks in the name of Allah, that the attacks were part of an overall Islamic jihad against America. How narrow-minded! President Bush calls Islam a “peaceful religion.” Virtually everyone to the left of center has been banging that drum as well. They conveniently ignore the passages from the Qur’an and the Hadiths that require Muslims to kill infidels (Jews and Christians).

President Bush and the other politicos also claim that the Islamists hate America because of our freedoms. That is simply not true, or at least not the full truth. The truth is that Islamists hate America for its reputation as a Christian nation, and a supporter of Israel. They hate Israel for its Judaism and support of the United States. Yet the international community screams its demands for tolerance and right-treatment of Muslims. Why then, do they turn a blind eye to the persecution of Christians?

The reason lies in politics. The globalist agenda calls for a powerful world government, and an end to religions that claim “exclusive truth.” Hello, that’s Christianity and Judaism! The globalists make no secret that they view such religious beliefs as contrary to the ultimate goal of world peace. They know that Christians and Jews will be wary to concede religious freedoms to a powerful global government. That’s why the UN delegates sit in the monument to humanism that is the general assembly, picking their noses and griping about American greed while suicide bombers kill dozens of Israelis in attack after attack after attack. That is why they scream bloody murder when Israel makes a measured response in self-defense. That is why the blood of Christians flows heavily in the Islamic world, with barely a hint of disapproval from the globalists. The Islamists are doing the dirty work of which the globalists secretly approve.

The news media reports these atrocities against Christians, but superficially at best. Indeed, more attention was heaped on the “wrongful” detention of three middle-eastern medical students in Florida than is paid to the execution and slaughter of Christians in the Muslim nations. The “global community” will not rise in adamant defense of Christians, so we must do so ourselves. We must inundate our political leaders with emails, letters, faxes, and phone calls demanding the strongest condemnation of the human rights abuses our brothers and sisters in Christ face across the globe. If we don’t speak out, who will?

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