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Hinduism is among the most ancient of the eastern religions, and one that has had a profound influence on western civilization.  Over the years, it has given birth to other cults and religious movements.  Buddhism started as an offshoot of Hinduism.  Today, the New Age Movement, Transcendental Meditation, Wicca, and many forms of pagan worship are offspring of Hinduism.  Hinduism is a religion of varied interpretations, practices, and doctrines.  One cannot say, “This is the Hindu orthodoxy, from which there is no deviation.”  There are, however, certain commonalities, which we will explore. 

We present this information in an effort to explain the general beliefs of Hinduism, and contrast them with biblical Christianity.  We do our best to explain some rather nebulous concepts, and may make some mild generalizations.  If you are Hindu, please understand that we bear no hatred or malice to the good people that practice this religion.  We only wish to show how the Hindu religion differs from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is our goal to present the truth with love.

Hinduism is rooted in the merging of two basic religious systems: that of the ancient civilization residing in the Indus River Valley from the third millennium B.C., and the religious beliefs brought to India by the Aryan (European) people who began moving into the Indus Valley sometime after 2000 B.C.  Today, Hinduism claims over 750 million followers worldwide – that’s 1/6th of the world’s population!  That number does not include the followers of New Age and other religious movements that share a common bond with the Hindu religion from which they developed. 


Hindu Beliefs


Hindu Scriptures


The Christian Response to Hinduism




Hindu Violence against Christians in India is on the rise:


Tide Of Intolerance: increasing numbers of Christians killed in India - 2008


100+ Christians killed in India - 2008


The outbreak of violence against Christians in India's Orissa state continues - 2008


More Christians killed by Hindu Mobs in India - 2008


Christians attacked in south India - 2008


Hindu Radicals Wage Severe Persecution Campaign Against Christians -2006


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