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Religious humanism maintains that all associations and institutions exist for the fulfillment of human life. The intelligent evaluation, transformation, control, and direction of such associations and institutions with a view to the enhancement of human life is the purpose and program of humanism. Certainly religious institutions, their ritualistic forms, ecclesiastical methods, and communal activities must be reconstituted as rapidly as experience allows, in order to function effectively in the modern world. -- Humanist Manifesto


Humanism is an ideological, political, and religious belief that denies the existence of God.  Atheists are humanist, as are new-agers, and many others.  The theory of evolution was developed by humanists to create a world devoid of God.  Humanism today is prevalent in our media, schools, and government.  The religious humanist believes, as the Humanist Manifesto states, that the religions of the world are outdated due to  a vastly increased knowledge and experience, and are powerless to solve the problem of human living in this time.  Christians know the power of God, but to the humanist the human is divine and must be responsible for furnishing adequate human goals and providing for the spiritual needs of today.  Because humanists believe that the universe and its peoples are self-existing and not created, they believe humanism is the only religion capable of leading humans along the evolutionary path to "Christ Consiousness".  In humanism there is no right or wrong, only experience and an endless struggle to become enlightened, to evolve.



Below is a comparison chart of Humanism and Christianity.


Humanism Christianity
What is humanism?  Humanism is an ideological, political, and religious belief that denies the existence of God.  Atheists are humanist, as are new-agers, and many others.  Those who adhere to the "theory" of evolution are humanists as well.  Listed below are the five basic tenets (doctrines) of the Humanist Manifesto. 

Christianity, in its essence, is the belief that Jesus Christ is the Messiah whose coming was foretold in the Old Testament of the Bible.  Christians believe the following:

1.       Religious Humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.

2.       Humanism believes that man is a part of nature and that he has emerged as the result of a continuous process. (evolution).

3.       Moral values derive their source from human experience.  Ethics is autonomous and situational, needing no theological or ideological sanction.

4.       Traditional religions inhibit humans from experiencing their full potentialities.

5.       We can discover no divine purpose or providence for the human species.  We are responsible for what we are or will become.  No deity will save us - we must save ourselves.


The sixty-six books of both the Old and New Testaments comprise the inspired Word of God and are without error in the original writings. The Bible is God's complete written revelation for the salvation of man and is the final authority regarding Christian life and faith.


There is one uncreated eternal God, eternally existent in three persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh, was born of a virgin, led a sinless life, died on the cross and rose again bodily on the third day. Because He ever lives, He alone is our High Priest and advocate.


The ministry of the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, regenerates, indwells, guides, and instructs, as well as empowers the believer for Godly living and service.


All mankind is sinful by nature. This condition makes it impossible to earn his exaltation through good works. Good works however, are a by-product of saving faith, not a pre-requisite to be saved.


Mankind is saved by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ. Believers are justified by His shed blood and shall be saved from wrath through Him.


Christ's Church is made up of individuals who have recognized their lost state and placed their trust in the redeeming work of Christ for their salvation.


Jesus Christ will return again for His own. All true believers will reign with Him throughout eternity.


There will be a bodily resurrection of both the just and the unjust; the just to everlasting life, the unjust to everlasting damnation.