Locke v. Davey (2005)

(Public Scholarships for Religious Education)

The ACLJ filed suit against the State of Washington when it rescinded Joshua Davey's Promise Scholarship because he chose to major in theology at a Christian College. There was no dispute that Davey was otherwise entitled to the scholarship under the state's neutral criteria. Citing its state establishment clause prohibiting aid to sectarian colleges, the state withdrew the scholarship after Davey declared his major. The Supreme Court has granted review in this case to resolve the question whether the State of Washington violated Davey's right to the free exercise of religion under the First Amendment. Jay Sekulow will be arguing the case in December 2003.

UPDATE: The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on this on December 2, 2003. They decided the case on February 25, 2004. With Justices Scalia and Thomas dissenting, SCOTUS ruled against Joshua Davey and ruled that the State of Washington has every right to discriminate against those seeking theology degrees with their Promise Scholarships. This decision makes no sense whatsoever, and is further evidence that Christians MUST speak out against the liberal filibusters used to block constitutionally-minded judicial candidates from getting an up or down vote by the full senate.

Joshua Davey has been led by the Lord down a different path. He is no longer seeking the pulpit in pastoral ministry. He is now a law student at Harvard Law School. Go get 'em, Josh. To read his side of this, go here: http://www.educationnext.org/20043/84.html