Saved from the New Age Movement - 01/11/2004

My name is Alastair ***** and I'm from Victoria BC Canada. I've been reading your website for the past few days and I've had a great time going through all the information posted within it. I'm not really sure where I should begin with this. I feel like I can send you a message about my life because you might be able to help me see past some things that I'm struggling with. For the past 4 or 5 years I've been very caught up in the New Age movement. Scyring (staring in a mirror and watching your face change), Meditation, Crystals, Dream Analyzing, Drugs (hallucinogens). I haven't done drugs for 3 years (4 on Jan 2004). Anyways recently I've been starting to see the truth in the bible, and the truth in Jesus Christ as our saviour and as the son of god. I'm having a tough time letting go of a lot of the beliefs I've established because I can see them so clearly in my life. Part of it is that I'm stubborn and don't want to let them go. There are a lot of things I learnt when doing LSD and I saw a lot of "truths" that were beyond my comprehension, and they still haunt me to this day. What scares me is a lot of the things I saw, I start to see again when I believe in Christ. Like the battle between good/evil. I've read sights that say the battle has been won and we already know who the victor is, which is true. However I still feel a battle within myself trying to find truth and to let go of all these things I've become so attached to. I find that a lot of the believes I've discovered can be applied to Christianity, such as energy work. It just depends on how you interpret it. But at this point I really donít know. It's hard because a lot of my friends and people I respect have the same beliefs that I'm slowly getting away from. I've been reading the KJV of the Bible and the NIV version of the bible along with The new Strongís Exhaustive Concordance of the bible. I find that I'm having a tough time getting past the first few pages of Genesis because there are so many ways to interpret it. I was wondering if there's any advice you could give me? I'm sorry that my email is so disjointed and random.

Thank you


Hi Alastair. Thanks for writing to Contender Ministries. It sounds like youíre really searching God out in your heart, and that is great! Weíre very happy to hear that. Yet you find youíre battling with your old nature. You even said that you were ďstubborn.Ē J Thatís a common malady among us humans. I think you realize that you must let go of your stubbornness though, if you are to truly submit to Jesus Christ. He wants you to serve Him completely, and if you divide yourself between Him and your stubborn self, then youíre not giving all. A lot of your previous experiences are very real to you, and I understand that. You must realize that the source of a lot of that was Satan. No, Iím not saying you were a Satan-worshipper. What I AM saying is that Satan uses many tricks to distract us from the truth of Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that Satan will even masquerade as an angel of light to lead us away from the truth. You must look at the old experiences in your life and see that they are Satanís mirages. The Holy Spirit can help you overcome your battles, but you must consciously want that to happen. He wonít change you in spite of yourself. Heíll change you when you make the decision to give up your pride and serve the True and Risen Lord fully and completely. You must decide to be a servant of Christ, and not of yourself. Then, and only then, will the Holy Spirit perform a glorious work within you! I think itís great that you are reading the Bible. I have a suggestion though, that might make it easier on you Ė start with the New Testament. Start at Matthew, and read through the New Testament before going back to the Old Testament. The OT is powerful, and I encourage you to read it down the road, but I think youíll find it is more understandable after youíve experienced the glorious news of the New Testament. And donít get too discouraged; some parts of the Old Testament ARE boring. J I think youíre on a great and vital spiritual journey, but you must begin that journey by forsaking yourself and your past. Give yourself completely to Jesus, then hold on for the ride of a lifetime!! Itíll be a blast, and much better than anything you ever experienced on an LSD trip! Weíll be praying for you. Donít hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. May the Lord bless you and give you wisdom.

In Him,
Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries