Catholic or catholic? - 04/18/2004

God bless you! I am not Catholic and I am not trying to prove you wrong about anything. I find the early history of the RCC very intersting. One pastor has said that the RCC has been around since the end of the first century. He talked about how some say it has only been around since the 6th century.



Hi Hipolito. The pastor you refer to is partially correct, and partially incorrect. Around the end of the first century, the term 'catholic' started being used. However, it was catholic with a lowercase "c", which simply meant "universal." So when we see late first century and second century writings that speak of the catholic Christian church, it simply means the universal Christian church. The doctrines at that time were still essentially orthodox and biblical. The Roman Catholic Church, as we know it today, did not really come into being until about the fourth century A.D. While Roman Catholics will refer to Peter as their first pope, the truth is that no bishop was referred to by that title for several centuries, nor did any bishop assume control over all the churches until the papacy was founded. I hope that explanation helps clear things up. God bless.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries