UUs Are Not Satanists - 04/18/2004

I visited your site because I was bored and find it funny to read what other people think of my religion. I ended up being impressed by your research about Unitarian Universalism (though I disagree with your feelings towards my religion, but that's not my problem). I was bothered, though, by your mention of Satanism. UUs do not worship Satan. In fact, most UUs don't believe in Satan. It's difficult for a religion to worship something that the religion does not believe in. Your own website mentions that UUs don't believe in sin or hell, thus don't believe in Satan. I realize you find it arrogant that I am tolerant of your intolerance of my religion, but at least you get a polite email instead of a flame.



Hi Erin. Thanks for taking the time to write. I don't find your "tolerance" arrogant at all. Rather, I find your politeness very refreshing. Thank you for being respectful.

We've had many UU's who have written to us about that particular line. The truth is, we never said "all UUs worship Satan." We never said any UU's worship Satan. The line to which you refer is discussing the fact that in a creedless religion, where everyone is allowed to discover their own truth, a satanist would be as welcome as a Baptist or a Baha'i. Now, that doesn't mean that a satanist would enjoy a UU service. It was a metaphorical extreme to demonstrate a truth. I'll grant that most UU's do not believe in Satan, but each UU is allowed to make that decision for him or herself, correct?

You're right that we're intolerant, but not of people such as yourself. Our ministry is intolerant of any religious belief that denies the absolute truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Following His teaching and example, we will contend for the faith by showing how many religions deny that absolute truth. However, we do so as an act of obedience to Jesus Christ, and an act of love for those who are destined for condemnation unless they accept the salvation that comes only through Him. We look forward to an eternity of paradise, and want to bring along as many people as we can. We pray that your search for truth brings you to the foot of the cross, and the absolute truth.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries