Angry Catholic threatens to Sue - 04/23/2005

You two have remained unusually silent through the death of John Paul and the election of Benedict, haven't you? No nasty little commentaries about nazis and grand Inquisitors?

I'm surprised, could it be you realize just how unwise that would be? Be especially careful in your articles about Benedict - I'll send them straight to the Congregation. If there is anything that offers even the slightest grounds for suing you, I'll ask it to act in defense of the Faith. Slander Ratzinger, if you dare.


No, we didn't feel the need to kick dirt on someone's grave. Not because of fear, but respect. I'm amused that you think we can be sued for exercising our free speech rights though. We live in the U.S. Marni, where people have the right to believe and say what they want. By all means forward our site to the congregation. They need to read it too. I'm currently working on some new information for the Catholicism section, so feel free to forward it to "the congregation" when it's published. Somehow I don't think Pope Benedict would support your idea of a new Inquisition against Protestants fought by lawyers. You're probably quite alone in that need to threaten and sue anyone who doesn't agree with you. We're certainly not impressed or intimidated.

Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries