From A New Roman Catholic - 08/15/2004

I have a BIG issue with how you are portraying Roman Catholic faith!

I have been raised a Protestant and found Jesus Christ there. I will tell you, it was lucky that I found a real relationship with Jesus, because most Protestant religious organizations, inlcuding the one I belonged to, are so weak when it comes to offering the things necessary for salvation. That is why I'm going to join the Roman Catholic Church, where not perfect in any means, they attempt to offer the most for living a holy and Christian life.

First, you mention in many places that RCs don't focus on scripture. You are VERY WRONG! The entire mass is derived from scripture (including Mary, the Communion of Saints, and the Pope). Secondly, from an outsider standpoint, I never hear RCs criticizing or questioning your faith. In fact, the majority of RCs scholars (most notably EX-protestants) try to be kind, loving and Christ-like in their attempts to explain their faith.

Lastly, we believe all the things you profess AND MORE. You on the other hand, are only taking away things RCs believe.

Very last point. My observations (which have been under serious study for over a year) show me that RCs believe in the same things most Protestants do for salvation, but have added other "beliefs - not infallible" (and the RC church admits those things that are not infallible) to guide and direct our lives so we can make them better as Christians. I look at the pope and other bishops and the church as a whole as a "big brother" or "dad" who is simply trying to lovingly provide us with guidance. If you think about it, what does the RC church have to gain in their beliefs and teachings except more souls in heaven for God's glory.

I really can't stand all the animosity going back and forth ( I know it goes both ways...). I don't think God would want this, so why not stop printing harmful.....and incorrect information which only furthers Satan's goal to tear down Christ's church, rather than build it up.

In Christ,

New Roman Catholic


Hi Andrew. You said, "Protestant religious organizations, inlcuding the one I belonged to, are so weak when it comes to offering the things necessary for salvation." I agree. In fact, no religious organization can offer what's necessary for salvation. If Scripture is to be believed, Jesus offered EVERYTHING necessary for salvation when He died for us on the cross. All He asks from us is to accept that gift and make Him Lord of our lives. Anything else are rules of religion, not rules of God. The Roman Catholic Doctrine teaches that there are rules and ritual to follow. They deny that Jesus' sacrifice was sufficient. That's fine, but it's unbiblical and even blasphemous.

You said, "The entire mass is derived from scripture (including Mary, the Communion of Saints, and the Pope)." If Catholicism followed Scripture, we'd have absolutely no qualms with them. However, Scripture does NOT support the papacy, the immaculate conception of Mary, the assumption of Mary, praying to Mary or the saints (or to anyone besides God), an intercessory priesthood, confessing sins to a man to receive penance, seven sacraments necessary for justification, purgatory, indulgences, etc. You can wish otherwise, but this is the truth. If you can find Scriptural support for all those doctrines, please tell us. Catholic Tradition has created a new gospel, and the Apostles frequently warned us about accepting things they did not teach us.

Protestant Christianity does take away from Catholic belief, that's true. We strip away the unbiblical heresy, and return to the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles. In fact, Protestant beliefs predate the distinct Roman Catholic doctrines. You may look at the pope as "dad", but my only father besides my biological father is my Father in heaven. Roman Catholic doctrine states the pope is infallible. Do you accept that anyone besides God is infallible? If you want to be a good Catholic, you had better accept that. If you want to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, you had better reject that. It sounds like you're interested in pursuing religion, rather than a relationship with Jesus Christ. Religion is a man-made invention for trying to reach God. True Christian faith opens our hearts to the saving relationship with God, who is already reaching out to us.

Finally, you said, "Secondly, from an outsider standpoint, I never hear RCs criticizing or questioning your faith." Every Catholic I've read or spoken with refers to Catholicism as the "one true Church". That excludes my faith. Biblically, I am required to contend for my faith, and expose unbiblical teachings. I don't care if the unbiblical teachings are taking place in a Catholic, Muslim, or Presbyterian Church, we will never shy away from standing for the truth of the gospel. My prayer for you is that you will realize that Jesus did everything necessary for your salvation. As an imperfect human being, there is nothing you can do to earn this, other than to simply accept it and follow Jesus. If you're looking toward ANY church to supply you with tools necessary for your salvation, you're looking in the wrong place.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries

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