A Muslim on Quranic Contradictions - 09/05/2003


I would like to give a few opinions regarding your website, specifically concerning your articles on Islam. I find it very unprofessional of you to describe Islam incorrectly. For example, in your section on 'contradictions in the Quran', you either put in a wrong chapter and verse or just plainly gave out completely false translations of the Quran. On some of the contradicitons you listed, literally the verse may seem like a contradiction to another, that's why Muslims rely on Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) for explanations behind the meanings of the Quran and also from the history behind the verse when it was delivered to the Prophet(pbuh). Learn from those who know best and please do not distribute materials that are based solely on your limited understanding of the religion and the sacred book. Thank you.


Hi, ******! Thanks for writing to Contender Ministries. We appreciate your comments, but for them to be truly helpful, you need to be more specific in what errors you have found on our website. If we have erroneous information, we definitely want to correct the problem. I agree with you that Islam must be described accurately and correctly. We have taken great pains to do so. If you think we are wrong, we would appreciate knowing specifically how, so we can make corrections. We want to exercise integrity in this ministry.

We definitely prefer to learn about other religions from those who know best. The bulk of our research material on Islam is/was written by current or former Muslims. One of our newest research books was written by a man who got his Ph.D. in Islamic History at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, and later taught Islamic History there. He was also an Imam at the Al-Azhar mosque. Believe me, when we want to learn more about a particular belief system, we make sure we use reliable sources. We also have a couple of different translation of the Qur'an. We use the Noble Qur'an extensively (as I'm sure you know, the original intent of the verses is "amplified" in the Noble Qur'an). We also have an Arabic translation (I can speak, read, and write Arabic). Furthermore, I studied Islam at the same time I learned Arabic, and my professors were Arab Muslims. That doesn't mean we never make mistakes though, so if you will give us a little more specifics on the errors you found, we would appreciate it very much.

Finally, there is a principle upon which Qur'anic contradictions are reconciled, and that is to assume that Muhammad's later writings supercede his earlier ones. We will have an article on that out shortly. May God reveal Himself to you in wonderous ways.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries