Catholic is Angry - 11/30/2004

Your statements on what you see as truth is what has made me angry. That in it's self is sin. You act as if your website is divine providence, sent by God. You say that Catholics believe in the Bible at least their version with many books added in. I ask you to look at your history the whole Bible is Catholic. It was your protestant leaders that took books out of The Bible that was written by early Catholics and was preserved by Catholic Holy brothers. I would be glad to discuss your anger and hatred, and your errors, but somehow I believe I want be hearing from you.



Hi Jody. Thanks for sharing your opinions. I'd like to correct some misconceptions you may have. First, did you have a chance to read our article, "Has Our Website Made You Angry?" ? We've never made any claims that our website is divine providence. I think perhaps you're exaggerating on that claim. Your lack of truth in that regard saddens me, but it doesn't make me angry. You actually said that it's a sin to state what we see as the truth! I'm flabbergasted! Perhaps you could share the Scripture reference that says stating what one perceives to be true is a sin. I think you'll be hard pressed to find such Scripture.

Finally, I have studied the history of the Bible, particularly the New Testament, and it sounds like you haven't. You said it was "written by early Catholics." Actually, the New Testament was written by Matthew, Luke, Mark, John, Paul, James, and Peter. None of these apostles were Catholic. There is nothing within their writings to indicate they shared a belief in the peculiar Roman Catholic doctrines such as purgatory, the Mass, transubstantiation, justification through seven sacraments, the position of pope, the hyperdulia veneration of Mary,etc. In fact, the earliest use of the world "catholic" was in the second or third century, and that was with a lower-case 'c' coming from the Greek kathilokos -- meaning "universal." The Catholic Church (as a proper name) did not develop for centuries later. The position of Pope did not develop for centuries later. Peter wasn't a pope, and there's very little evidence he was EVER the bishop of Rome! No, the Bible was not written by Catholics. The inclusion of the apocryphal books was fought by Jerome. He did not believe they were worthy to be translated into Latin, as he did not believe them to be Scripture. He finally yielded to pressure to translate them, and they were later included in the canon -- literally over his dead body! The removal of the Apocrypha was in line with the position of the Hebrews (as the bulk of the Apocrypha is Old Testament) who do not have them in their Bible, and in line with the feelings of Jerome and many of his contemporaries. If you read the New Testament as well as the writings of some of the ante-Nicene fathers, you'll see that I'm write. The peculiar Roman Catholic Doctrines didn't develop until much later, and they are against much of what the Apostles and Jesus taught!

Your email is full of emotion and anger. That's sad. I think you'll have a difficult time finding hate or anger anywhere on our website. What you have said is an emotional response, and I hope you're able to cope with that. If you want do discuss facts or have a calm discourse, you're welcome to write us back. However, I encourage you to study your Bible and the early church history before making misstatements on factual/historical issues. We also hope and pray that you become one of many who find that salvation is not found in the hollow, man-made religion of spurious doctrines called the Roman Catholic Church. Jesus Christ wants you to come to Him. His Word teaches that there is no priesthood anymore, save for the priesthood of Jesus Himself. He alone is your intercessor. Come to Him and Him alone in prayer. May the Lord bless your journey.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries