Islam - A Religion of Peace - 12/17/2006

I am a Christian, and I read Barbara Richmonds spew about Islam, you should feel ashamed at how terribly you have either mis-interpreted or intentionally slanted the actual morals of Islam. It is not a war driven religion (no more than our cruisades). Islam is primarily focused on the individual, not politics (our own "bible belt" singlehandedly won the election, and Love is taught throughout the Qur'an; yes - Qur'an, not "Koran". You have a choice, you can rise up and meet the ethical standards of love and peace you proclaim to believe in and remove this peice of hate provoking trash, or leave it up and continue your false piety, and when you stand before God you will have to say that you were able to fool many people into believing their neighbor was evil.


Hi.  We at CM appreciate intelligent, constructive feedback.  While yours was heartfelt, it was neither intelligent nor constructive.  First, Barbara Richmond is not affiliated with Contender Ministries.  If you had read the byline, you'd see that she is with another ministry.  Her article was simply reproduced here.  Second, most of the references to the Qur'an on our website are spelled "Qur'an" unless they are part of a quoted text.  Incidentally, neither "Qur'an" nor "Koran" are correct or incorrect.  Both are English transliterations of an Arabic word.  I speak, read, and write Arabic, and can spell Qur'an correctly - in Arabic script.  When one transliterates a word from a completely different alphabet, you'll find different variations.  Thus, you'll find Koran or Qur'an (or others), Muhammad or Mohammad, Usama bin Laden or Osama bin Ladin, etc.  Finally, your understanding of Islam is affected by historical and doctrinal ignorance of Islam.  Islam was spread by violence ("by conversion or the sword").  This was a practice started by Muhammad.  The Crusades, while needlessly violent at times, were a response to this Islamic aggression.  Muslim conquests were sweeping the Byzantine Empire, leading church leaders to petition the Vatican for assistance.  Christians were given the choice to convert or die.  This violent spread of Islam continued across North Africa and into Spain.  While the Crusades were often misguided and violent, they were a response to Islamic aggressors.  Finally, you could not have said what you did if you had read all of our articles on Islam.  It is apparent that you read one article (written by someone not associated with CM) and made judgments about our entire site.  Each of our articles is based on the Qur'an, the Hadiths, and the writings of Islamic scholars.  The Qur'an starts out teaching peace and love, but quickly turns to commanding violence and war. Simply because you disagree with our articles, does not make them wrong.  I encourage you to read all of our articles on Islam (  If there are errors in the articles, please send specific examples and provide evidence to support your allegations.  One last thing.  You say you're a Christian, but you seem to admire Islam.  Jesus said that he is the only path to heaven (John 14:6), yet Islam rejects this.  Jesus (whom you claim to follow) stood against heresies and false teachings.  Yet you seem to admire them.  Are you really a disciple of Jesus?  What does being a Christian mean to you?

In Christ,

Ben Rast
Contender Ministries

p.s.  You say that Islam is not political.  Quite the contrary.  The Taliban ruled Afghanistan, the Mullahs rule Iran, Hamas rules "Palestine", and Sharia law is either the law of the land or a great portion thereof throughout the Muslim lands.