JW Friend Argues Against Trinity - 12/18/2006


I love your website and all the great information!
I am very close to an individual who was raised in the J.W. religion. We have been discussing Christianity at length, and I have not been able to answer some of his questions and I need your help!

1. The J. W.'s have a tract "Should you believe in the Trinity?" , and in it there is a diagram tracing the idea of a three tiered God (a.k.a. the Trinity) back to Paganism. My friend feels that you cannot deny history and thinks it's too much of a coincidence that Christianity adopted the idea of the Trinity (a 3 tiered God) through Aristotle at the same time as paganism existed. I have pointed out to him that the Trinity is biblical ( and showed him the e-mail you have posted to this effect). However, he did not feel that the e-mail adequately addressed the topic of the historical roots of the Trinity and its similarity to pagan gods. Please help!!!

2. The second question which has come up is why would Jesus be called the son of God, if in fact he is God? He feels that this creates confusion and misunderstandings when the point of the bible is to clarify God to us.

Your help with these questions would be REALLY helpful!

Thanks so much! Your in Christ,



Hi Laura.  Thanks for writing. The JW's are not the first cult to deny the deity of Jesus Christ.  In the early days of Christianity, a heretic named Arius proposed beliefs very similar to JW beliefs.  He was thoroughly denounced for his heresy, and as a result, the Council at Nicea was convened to reaffirm the deity of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of the Trinity (the origin of the Nicene Creed).  There are some articles on our website I encourage you to read.  You'll find most - if not all - of your questions answered in these articles (including the "pagan origins" argument):
I also encourage you to read our article on the New World Translation.  It'll show that the Bible used by Jehovah's Witnesses is a corrupt excuse for a Bible, "translated" by people without the requisite knowledge of biblical languages.  Please read these articles thoroughly, then let us know if you have any other questions.  May God bless your efforts to contend for the faith!

In Christ,

Ben Rast
Contender Ministries