A Message For Cody - 02/27/2005

Hi Ben and Jennifer,
I found your website when searching about THE DAVINCI CODE. Jennifer's points on the errors are very good. I then found your "Jehovah's Witnesses" section, and read the note from 13 year old Cody.  My heart and prayers go out for Cody because at age 9 my mom converted to J.W. and raised me as a J.W. I found Jesus Christ 30 years later and I sometimes wonder how I never saw the truth.  Cody, if you sneak a peak back to this website, here a suggestion from someone who has been there.  Get yourself a good and SCHOLARLY translation of the Bible (not the NWT).  Pray for God to open your eyes as you read.  Read it without referencing the Watchtower books but just as a letter from God to YOU, and not as written to the 144,000 or faithful and discreet slave.  Start with Romans 8, which is one of my favorite passages.
Thanks for your great work on this website.


Hi George.  Thanks for writing.  Praise God you found the truth!!  We will post your email and hope that Cody will see it.  We pray that he will be delivered just as you were.
In Christ,
Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries