Hindus Are Exceptionally Tolerant?! - 12/13/2008

Hindus in India are known for their unusually high level of religious tolerance. Many Hindus believe that all religions can lead their members to God.Hinduism has virtually no conflicts with Christianity. In fact, most Hindus look at Christianity as being very close to their own religion, in essence, though there could be superficial differences. The core philosophy and values of the two religions is exactly the same.So why would you want to be so radical and stoke down to the levels of the "extremist" who declared all-out war on something like religion. We all want to live a "free and good" lives. We want to live a sin free life. Having referrals for Jesus will not help you get into heaven (It might, I don't know). What you are doing here is respectful and I respect everyone who prays. A praying man is more respect from me than an rich/famous man. But everyone should have a free will to pray to whoever.


Oh my!  You are woefully misinformed!  You must have missed all of the news lately about Hindu attacks on Christians in India.  They are slaughtering Christians with wild abandon in India right now, locking Christians up in prison camps, and basically waging a bloody holy war.  It is a myth that Eastern religions are always tolerant of other faiths.  Unfortunately, it's not surprising that many people don't have the facts on this issue.  Our education system in the United States, along with the media around the world, don't like to report these stories.  I'm listing below several very recent articles detailing the religious persecution being waged by Hindus against Christians in India.  Please be sure to look them over before you respond, if you choose to do so, so that we can stick with the facts and not promote politically correct falsehoods.  Thanks for your e-mail and God bless you.

Tide Of Intolerance: increasing numbers of Christians killed in India

100+ Christians killed in India

The outbreak of violence against Christians in India's Orissa state continues

More Christians killed by Hindu Mobs in India

Christians attacked in south India

I could make this list, literally, pages long!  And that's just news from within the last couple of months.  The Hindu led atrocities against Christians in India may be intentionally ignored by those who are more interested in political correctness than truth, but it is real.  All of us should fight against the kind of propaganda you have been led to believe.  People are dying, and I think that should trump any desire by the rest of us to pretend that a religion is one of tolerance when it is not.  It doesn't help those whose homes are being burned, and whose churches are being attacked for us to pretend that religions like Hinduism, Islam, and others are tolerant and peaceful.  I hope you will consider that, and look into the details surrounding religious persecution in this world.  I think you'll find that, in many parts of the world, it's not anything like what you've been led to believe.

In Him,

Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries