An ex-Jehovah's Witness Sounds Off - 04/30/2003

Hi there! I greet you in the WONDERFUL NAME OF JESUS

Re: Jehovahís Witnesses,

They run down every person that does not belong to their cult. They teach their members to treat every personís belief with contempt and disgust; they teach that every person who does not belong to their cult will not inherit life eternal. They teach that every single religion (except their own) is a tool of satan.

JW teach good moral values and to uphold the laws of the country, for the most part, they are good natured people and have a lot of good. BUT their teachings leave a lot to be desired. They do not except JESUS as Saviour. I could go on and on.

I am currently studying towards my degree in Theology. God bless you all


NB! Ex member of the cult of Jehovahís Witnesses


Greetings Andy, and thank you for writing us. First of all, we thank God that you were able to see the heresy within the JW. We also thank the Lord that you realized that Jesus Christ IS the savior, and only through faith in His sacrifice may we be saved. That is a joy and encouragement to us all! There are good moral values to be found in many of the religions on earth. Some of the nicest people I've known were not Christian. Unfortunately, being "nice" does not earn a position in heaven. Our works, no matter how good and decent, are filthy rags without Christ. Jesus is THE way and THE truth and THE life - no one comes to the Father but through Him. Jesus said these words Himself. However, the JW's teach a gospel that differs from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord you saw the truth. Thanks again for your email. May God richly bless you in your studies, and as you contend for the faith.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries