Response to claims on Jehovah's Witnesses - 01/18/2003

Here is what you have stated in previous emails "We lovingly contend for the faith, as the Bible teaches us to do" "We do not slander other religions - we simply point out how they differ from Biblical truth. That is what God has commanded us to do - contend for our faith. It would be most helpful if you could let me know what exactly is untrue on our website". You state that you do not slander other religions but in your christian apolegetics about jehovah's witnesses you say this "These people are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the message they have to share is a dangerous perversion of christianity". To label something as a dangerous perversion is serious. How can these "dangerous" people be so dangerous? obviously they forgive ignorance cause although they do not believe in law suits, dont you think they would put a lawsuit against you for defamation of character? dosn't sound dangerous to me. Sounds like you couldnt practice what youve preached, you slandered them with that label. "Feel the burden to pray for these decent but disillusioned people", praying for someone should not be a burden it should be a act of love and you are guys state your loving correct? as far as disillusioned people goes, then why is the message that they give is for peace,happiness, and gives hope? heres a example of perversion "catholic priests molesting children" give me an example of jehovahs witnesses perversion. In response to the foolish statement "In a manner similar to Mormonism, JW’s believe that their organization is the only true Christian organization" everyone that chooses a religion so it be catholics, mormons, islam, muslim, and etc. etc. these people have chosen these religions cause they believe it to be the true religion. If you have tried to succeed in showing "perversion of biblical truths" of the jehovah's witnesses in the doctrinal chart you have failed to do so unless you have a different definition of perversion. When jehovah's witnesses state that the new world translation should be used over any other bible it is not entirely jehovah's witnesses that feel that way, the bible was meant to be understood and the new world translation is broken down so people can understand it. First of all god is very loving and everything he created was good, he gave man a free choice to be good or bad, however because of his love he would not create a hell for the wicked it would be more loving for them to have eternal death. Jehovah's witnesses dont do the flag salute because they choose not to put their hand over their heart and give it to a flag, they belive their heart belongs to god, and they do respect the flag, they stand at attention for the flag and you dont hear of them burning the flag, but it is not disrespectful to disagree with giving your heart to a man made cloth, man told us to do so not god. I agree there is nothing wrong with showing our parents respect in Mother's day or Father's day but to say christmas is a christian holiday is contradictive, people have portrayed it to be jesus's birthday, then why are we getting presents? its said its the time to be happy and there is nothing wrong with happiness but why is it they are only happy when they recieve a present, christmas is a pagan holiday and the bible says colossians 2:8 "look out: perhaps there will be someone that will carry you off as his prey through the philosophy and empty deception ACCORDING TO THE TRADITION OF MEN, according to the elementary, things of this world and according to christ" there you have it christmas is a worldy tradition and no where in the bible does it say to partake in these traditions of men. Please state where it says so and jesus does not say celebrate or remember his birthday but remember why he died "for god loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten son in order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life" john 3:16. For god sent forth his son into the world not for him to judge the world but for the world to be saved through him. john 3:17. If thats the case then how can there be a trinity, is that saying god gave himself? this simply shows the distinguished difference between god and his son jesus which would certainly prove that they are two seperate entities and would discredit any trinity doctrine. When jesus was dying he said "father please forgive them for they know not what they do" so why would jesus talk to himself and call himself father when he is the son. That contradicts itself more ways then one.


Hi! I thought I'd take an opportunity to address some of the issues you raised in your email. As far as whether or not JW's salute the flag or celebrate holidays, I really could not care less. It's an issue that is unique to them as a doctrine, but it certainly has no bearing on salvation or the gospel. For that reason, I won't address those points. If they're important to you, that's fine. There are other issues you mentioned though, that I feel are more important.

First, while you correctly quoted us as saying that the JW message is a dangerous perversion of biblical Christianity, you incorrectly project that statement as applying to JW's themselves. It is the MESSAGE that is dangerous, not the people. JW's are love by God and by us, but their beliefs ARE a perversion of biblical Christianity. As far as how we define "perversion," you seem to think that "perversion" is strictly sexual. That's not correct. Reading from my American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Edition, perversion is an act of making perverse. Perverse means "Directed away from what is right or good; Obstinantly persisting in error or fault." That is where JW beliefs are a perversion -- they are in error. As for how they are in error, I just have to direct you to our apologetics section on JW beliefs.

On a side note, you mentioned that "Catholic priests molesting children" is an example of perversion, and JW is free of that. It might interest you to know that the Associated Press reported today that "four women sued the Jehovah's Witnesses claiming they were molested by a church leader in Nevada over several years beginning in the early 1970s and that church officials covered up the abuse." So it appears your definition of perversion might also be accurate.

That Jesus prayed to the Father does not in any way diminish the reality of one, triune God. Neither does the fact that the Father sent the Son. God is one, and eternally present in three persons - Father, Son, Holy Ghost. It seems that too many people are willing to discount various characteristics of God - or even His very existance - if they have difficulty defining Him with human terms and based upon human understanding. I have difficulty fathoming the power God must have to create the universe. Yet the fact remains, He did just that. He is not limited by finite comprehension, as we are.

The mission of our ministry is to expose error - perversions of the truth. We expose belief systems, but do not attack individuals whom God loves and has instructed us to love in turn. "Slander" is a deliberate falsehood stated with the intent to harm or defame. We have published no falsehoods on this site, and our mission is done in love, with the intent to help redeem God's children to Himself. Some may not understand that. We pray for those that can. Thank you for contacting us at Contender Ministries, and may God bless you.

In Christ,

Ben and Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries