Your Islam section is disgraceful and appauling - 06/01/2003

As a Devout muslim i find it disgraceful and appaling, how u can write wot u did about the Prophet Muhammad (Who was Muhammad?) and also the article on women (What quran says about women?). I would like to say that u are completely wrong and have been misguided about it all, and have been definatly writing a load of Rubbish. And this is coming from a learnerd Muslim.

First of all u are probably not muslims urself and if u are then u definatley dont know wot ur talking about. from wot i can imagine it must have been a non-muslim who wrote those articles and judging from wot he/she wrote, it clearly indicates that u hate Islam and Muslims simply because of the fact that ur afraid of them and the religion. U write these articles because it simple, u would like the public to know how Evil the islamic religion is and u want non-muslims to turn against them. I have one question for you: Even though Muslims are hated all over the world because they are Fanantics,Extremists,fundamentalist and have nothing better to do than blow themmselves and other people up, why is it still, and has been for the last 100 years the fastest growing religion in the world???????????????????

P.S. I would be grateful if you could reply back to me as i would like to know the answer to that question, especially from a website that clearly shows it is against ISLAM.


Hi Mo. Thanks for writing to us. First, we do not hate Muslims. We believe Islam to be a false religion, founded by a false prophet, and therefore we contend against the unbiblical teachings of Islam. We believe Jesus Christ to be the only path to true salvation (John 14:6), yet Islam denies the deity of Jesus. We wish that all people could come to a saving relationship with Jesus, which is why we do what we do. In other words, we contend against Islam because we care about Muslims.

Second, we value accuracy at Contender Ministries. You allege that we are completely wrong. If we are, then we can only correct our mistakes if you share with us specifically what we got wrong. Please share specific errors that you have found on our website, and please provide some references as evidence to your claims. If we find out that we do indeed have errors on our website, we will correct them! You would do a disservice to others to not show us our specific errors. As for your final question on why Islam is such a rapidly growing religion, the answer lies in the nature of man. Mankind is inherently sinful, and can easily fall for a lie if it is presented in a way that appeals to our nature. Raw numbers of adherents do not make anything correct, though. If we followed that logic, then you could make a case for Mormonism, which is also growing rapidly. However, in spite of some similarities, Mormonism and Islam are too much in doctrinal opposition for them to both be correct.

In Christ,
Contender Ministries