Islam is NOT a violent Religion! - 10/16/2002

Dear Ms. Jennifer Rast,

I came across your web site while traversing some links on the Internet and read the following article just out of curiosity.

I like your idea of learning more about Islam. It is certainly a good step towards building mutual & cordial relationship between 1.4 billion Muslims and 2 billion Christians.

I also wanted to point out to you that you probably didn't read Quran yourself; Not even the Sura (chapter) that you quoted a verse from. You probably didn't even try to read the background (context) of that Sura either. I am sure that you, as a devout Christian & follower of Bible, understand this very well that when the divine verses are taken out of context, they can be easily misunderstood and may be very misleading. Just like one can mistakenly infer from Bible that Jesus [May peace be upon him] was alcoholic (May God forgive me for writing this as I believe in him as a true prophet of God), similarly, one can infer so much wrongly from Quran if verses are taken out of context.

Please read the complete Sura 9 (especially the very next verse 9:6) and then you may also want to read the background of those verses.

Islam is NOT a violent relgion. True, it doesn't ask you to turn the other cheek when someone slaps you. It allows you to slap your enemy back (without transgression). It, however, recommends that you forgive. The mercy that Prophet Muhammad showed to his bitter enemies when he conquered Mecca is simply an example of how to treat the enemy when they are week, or throw arms & ask for asylum.

You may also want to read more in Quran as to how Quran prohibits killings of Women, children, farmers, and even cutting down the plants & trees, even during war.

Anyway, I am not trying to preach to you. You are a good person and were created by the same God Who created me. We call Him Allah (in Arabic). You probably didn't know that Christian Arabs also call Him Allah. The point is that if you intend to convert muslims to your faith, why do you think it is wrong for them to try to convert West to Islam? Have you ever thought what you would be if you were born in a typical muslim family? We are all brain-washed so much in our childhood that we are Muslims or Christians by birth and not by choice. I invite you to get a good English translation of Quran and read through it yourself with all the background. You may want to get some videos like "The Message", or "Islam: The Empire of Faith" or any of the videos of "Ahmad Deedaat" if you really want to convince yourself that you are Christian by choice and not just by birth. Below, you may find some of Ahmad Deedat's articles.

I would like to conclude my email by saying that the purpose of mankind should be to live in mutual harmony with respect for other religions. In a society where Gays & Lesbians issues, abortion related issues, moral decadence and several other threats are rising, you will find Islam & muslims on your side - shoulder to shoulder; promoting & holding on to the same good values that you (and we) cherish so much.

Best regards.


Thank you for writing us at Contender Ministries. I would first just like to clear up a few things. Actually, I have read the full Quran, and as we have an Arabic linguist on staff, we have researched the Suras you mentioned in Arabic as well as English. Also, I was not born a Christian or brainwashed, but accepted Christ as my savior later in life by my own choice using the free will that God gave me.

Regarding the rest of your e-mail, I can understand your reaction to our section on Islam. However, you may have missed the introductory sections to the part of our site that covers Islam. We state in that introduction that we recognize that not all Muslims hold to the literal instructions given in the Quran and Haddiths, etc. We realize that many Muslims are peace loving, good people. Our goal in contending for our faith in Jesus Christ and sharing what we know to be truth, is not to criticize any people, but to simply point out the differences and help other Christians become more informed. We believe in the commission God gave us that is laid out in the book of Jude from the Bible. You may want to read that Chapter of the Bible.

The information on Islam featured on our site is taken directly from the scriptures of Islam - the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad. While there are many, especially in America, who do not hold to the violent instructions that are a part of Islam's own books, there are those who do. Both the Quran and Haddiths clearly tell Muslims to kill infidels, kill Jews, and make treaties with your enemies until such time as you are able to make war and plunder them. Muhammad also instructed his followers to give the enemy the opportunity to convert to Islam, and if they did not, they were to kill them. These are just facts that we point out. Since these things were taught by the prophet of Islam, we feel they are important in any comparison of the religion of Islam and Christianity.

Our reason for making this information available is that we hope for all people to see the truth and recognize false religions. We want all people to know the love of Jesus Christ, to understand the gift God gave us in offering us salvation through Christ's atonement, and to be able to share in a personal and loving relationship with our God. The book of Romans in the Bible explains this very well.

If you can point to any Suras or other quotes we have misquoted, please let us know as we always try to be accurate and honest in what we put on our site. Please be specific if you feel there is an error.

If you would like to know more about why we do what we do at Contender Ministries, the following 2 links may explain our mission more thoroughly:

The following link also helps explain the message we are trying to get across:

Again, thank you for writing us, and God bless you.

Jennifer Rast
Contender Ministries

PS Jesus instructed us to do all things in moderation. This includes drinking. If he preached it, I'm sure he practiced it. :)