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Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religions in the world, with over five million Mormons in the United States alone. For those who have wondered in what specific ways Mormonism differs from the Christian faith, Mormonism 101 provides definitive answers.  The authors examine the major tenets of Mormon theology and compare them with orthodox Christian beliefs. Their helpful, point-by-point study contains succinct conclusions at the end of each major section and numerous quotes from authoritative Mormon sources.  In addition, Mormonism 101 offers practical, end-of-chapter witnessing tips. Readers will not only learn about Mormon teachings but will also be better equipped to witness to friends and family within the Mormon church. This book is also a valuable resource for students studying cults and comparative religion, as well as for organizations and ministries that reach out to Mormons.

The Maze of Mormonism is a complete and concise guide to any Christian, lay or clergy, unraveling the confused maze of Mormon doctrine and practice with the measuring rod of the Bible and the truth which is in Christ alone.  The Maze of Mormonism will give you a firm grasp on the truth of Christianity and the means to communicate your life in Christ to the Mormons you meet.

Never before has one book contained such valuable information about the Islamic faith, beliefs and traditions as well as historical and political insights.  In an easy to read format, Dr. Mark Gabriel shares the truth and tells you everything you need to know and understand about Islam.  As a professor of Islamic history at the most prestigious university in the Middle East, Dr. Mark Gabriel concluded that Islam and the holy war could not be separated.  Faced with a choice between "politically correct" Islam or joining in jihad himself, he left his faith altogether.  Later he accepted Jesus Christ after reading the Bible.

The classic bestseller on the inner workings of the Mormon Church, "The God Makers" (300,000 copies in print) has been updated and expanded. Cutting through the wholesome image projected by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the book reveals startling truths about the beliefs and practices of Mormonism. "The God Makers" helps prepare people for witnessing to Mormons and encourages Mormons to discover and develop a personal relationship with the biblical Jesus.

This book, written by a convert from Catholicism to biblical Christianity, puts the chief claims and doctrines of the Catholic religion under the divine light of God's Word; searches for them in the halls of history; combs through the writings of apostolic fathers for evidence of their veracity. Chapter by chapter, Scripture by Scripture, the facade of holiness and patristic authority is peeled away, and the true apostate nature of Catholicism is exposed. For evangelical Christians, this work is a gold mine of information about Catholic doctrines and how to deal with the deeply embedded beliefs of those who call themselves Roman Catholics. To the devout Catholic, this book will be either a source of enduring anger, or a bright neon arrow pointing to the eternal, soul-saving Word of God.

Thumb through any newspaper, listen to any newscast, and the terms "Islamic Al Jihad" or "Shi'ite Muslims" will inevitably be linked with bombings, hijackings, and other terrorist acts.  What do you know about this religion that boasts "the greatest joy is to kill and be killed for Allah"?  Dr. Anis Shorrosh explains the driving force behind the fanatical, as well as the moderate and conservative, sects of Islam in Islam Revealed.  Drawing on his experiences as a Palestinian born Arab Christian and years of research and study, Dr. Shorrosh lays open the inner workings of an ever growing religion that currently numbers its members at a staggering 900 million.

Occult beliefs march freely across America today powerfully influencing our children, our society, our government, and even our churches.  The deadly impact of Satan's dominion is seen in the rise of teen suicide, the increase in violence, and the immorality that pervades our society.  Sharing the knowledge you need to protect you family from this invasion, Hunt reveals how Satan's lies are being taught behind the academic respectability of science.  He also details how demonic activities are present as the path to enlightenment through "alien" contacts and paranormal experiences, and how pagan religions are being promoted through ecology and "we are one" philosophies.

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnesses offers many outstanding features.  Here's a sample of the powerful tools you will find in this complete hands-on guide to sharing the truth of God's Word in a loving, gracious way:
  • Side-by-side comparisons of the New World Translation and the Bible along with clear, simple answers to each doctrinal error espoused by the Witnesses (comparisons are made using the NASB and NIV).
  • Point-by-point lists of the favorite tactics and arguments used by the Witnesses - along with effective, biblical responses to each one. 
  • Hundreds of penetrating questions you can ask to challenge the Jehovah's Witnesses' confidence in the Watchtower Society.

As Mormonism spreads through America, evangelical Christians need to be prepared to confront Mormons with the Gospel of Christ.  In Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?, James Spencer carefully examines the errors of Mormonism, presents tactics for defending Christian truths, and reveals specific strategies for witnessing to Mormons.  With this practical guide, you'll find the information and encouragement you need to meet the challenge presented by the "Latter Day Saints."  Written by former Mormon Jim Spencer, Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately? is an insightful guide for sharing the Gospel with Mormons

Behind the promises of empowerment and the ability to control one's destiny lies a spiritual peril.  What's the Deal With Wicca? explores the beliefs and practices of Wicca, presenting a Bible-based perspective on the spiritual roots of this centuries-old religion and laying bare the deception inherent in the promises made by its practitioners.  Geared mostly toward teens and young adults, we find this highly informational for adults of all ages.  This is a Contender Ministries must-read!  

  Protecting Your Teens From Todayís Witchcraft gives parents the hard facts about Wicca, tips on recognizing its influence in a teenís life, and solid, practical advice for guiding their kids in the right direction while still allowing them to come to their own conclusions.  Contains much of the same information as What's the Deal With Wicca? (see above), but with practical parenting applications.