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In Mind Siege, Tim Lahaye and David Noebel are sounding trumpets of alarm, calling us to wake up and defend our right to believe and behave as Christians.  Already Christianity has been silenced in our schools and driven from the public arena.  Abortion rights, gay and lesbian rights, feminist rights, and atheists' rights have virtually eclipsed any rights Christians used to enjoy.  The authors insist that the conflict is between the biblical Christian and the Secular Humanist worldviews.  This is a battle for our minds, a war to decide whether our thoughts will be shaped by the wisdom of men like Marx, Darwin, Freud, and Neitzche, or by the wisdom God shared through Moses, the prophets, the apostles, and Jesus.

In this book, Jeff Rast shakes up the institutional church by pointing out that the clergy-laity dichotomy not only hobbles the Christian church, but it is also unbiblical! I started reading this with a somewhat skeptical mind, but Rast convinced me. He not only points out the origin and nature of the unscriptural clergy-laity dichotomy, he also challenges those who would typically consider themselves "laymen" to commit themselves to active ministry. A full-time professional ministry is not defined by a seminary degree, ordination by men, or a paid position in a local congregation. Rather, we are all called to leave our comfort zones and be full time ministers in our churches, communities, and workplaces. A great read for those who are ready to answer God's call on their lives and on their church!

Most Christians today can hardly make themselves say "the 'J' word" (Jesus), pray in a restaurant, or invite a colleague to church, says author and PBS host Hugh Hewitt.  They cringe at anything that makes their commitment visible in the current secular environment.  Every Sunday, in the safety of the sanctuary, millions of worshippers pray and sing with sincerity and gusto, then vanish and go silent for the next six days.  The reason?  America has become increasingly hostile to Christianity.  The media elite mocks it, vocal scientists disdain it, universities debunk it, and business ignores it.  Public expression of faith is not only unfashionable, it's seen as slightly bizarre.  In the Embarrassed Believer, Hewitt says this retreat of Christian witness has abandoned the field to the current tide of evil and allowed empty alternative religions to fill the void.

The Name shouts out a choice: Whom will you serve, give your life to, depend upon?  Rebellious, self-willed, sinful people want to retain the right to decide themselves what way they will take.  Jesus denies this option.  Speaking on His behalf, the apostle Peter said, "There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."  Jesus is gentle, but He is not weak.  He loves the sinner but is absolutely intolerant of sin.  He is not a negotiator.  He is Lord!  It is this bristling truth that invites intolerance toward Christians.  Jesus did not say, "Do your own thing; all roads lead to God."  That would have made Jesus "politically correct", but Jesus is not politically correct.  HE IS LORD.