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Apostasy and the Laodicean Dilemma
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Contender Ministries highly recommends Dr. Gary Frazier's new book "It Could Happen Tomorrow - Future Events That will Shake the World" for an in depth view of the prophetic events that will affect all of us in the near future.  This is a must read for every Christian, and will be an invaluable guide to the end-times for anyone interested in Bible prophecy. 

What others are saying:

This book will not only inform you, it will inspire you and challenge you to increased evangelistic consciousness, greater missionary concern, and a desire to live a holy life in an unholy age.
    - Tim Lahaye, co-author of the New York Times Bestselling Series Left Behind


You may already know the Old Testament predicted Christ's first coming (about one hundred prophecies).  But did you know there are five times as many prophecies concerning his second coming?  Knowing of God's faithfulness through the ages assures us of his faithfulness in the days to come.  Noted scholar Dr. Tim LahHaye lays out twenty reasons for believing that the Rapture and Tribulation could occur during our generation.  You'll be amazed as you learn ours is the first generation that has the technology and opportunity to uniquely fulfill the many prophecies of Revelation.

Hal Lindsey takes you on a chilling tour of the world's future battlefields as the Great Tribulation, foretold more than two thousand years ago by Old and New Testament prophets, begins to unfold.  You'll meet the world leaders who will bring man to the very edge of extinction and examine the causes of the current global situation - what it all means, what will shortly come to pass, and how it will all turn out.

Hope of the Wicked is about the greatest deception in modern history. The book is packed with hundreds and hundreds of quotes from world leaders themselves showing where they want to bring the world. Nothing is left to guesswork; when you are finished reading, you will understand that what seems to be inconsistent and illogical to you, is not to the global elite who wish to bring the United States under the auspices of the United Nations. The quotes are from established world leaders, past and present, and most are household names. It is laid out for all to see what the Masters of the Universe are planning for the New World Order.

Charlie Dyer documents the history of Iraq over the last several decades and Saddam Husseinís three goals for Iraq; territory, economic power and the elimination of the nation of Israel. The Rise of Babylon documents the similarities of the ancient empire of Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar and the new Babylon being rebuilt by Saddam Hussein.

Having lived and worked as a news reporter in Israel since 1980, David Dolan gives an on-the-spot and up-to-date assessment of what is going on in the Middle East during this time of bloodshed and futile peace efforts.  Israel in Crisis not only takes a probing look into what's happening in Israel today, it also gives you a full picture on where the Middle East crisis may be leading and how it is linked to biblical prophecy.

Mark Hitchcok offers the stirring account of a  future invasion of Israel, led by Russia and joined by a horde of Islamic nations on all sides.  Prophesying over twenty-six hundred years ago, Ezekiel vividly described this pivotal event of the end times: the battle of Gog and Magog.

It all started with a letter from an old friend who had turned against the pre-Trib theory, which holds that Christians will escape the seven-year Tribulation described in the Bible.  Alarmed at his friend's about-face, LaHaye realized it was part of a growing uncertainty about whether believers will have to endure the horrors of the end times described in Revelation or be spared by the Rapture before the time of trial begins.  To prove his case, LaHaye has undertaken the most comprehensive study and research effort of his career.  Now, after "ten thousand pages of reading, computer searches, hundreds of letters and conversations in this country and the British Isles, and the close examination of every Bible verse related to the subject," his comprehensive, compelling powerhouse of a defense is here, tracing the 175 years of Tribulation debate...and carefully, systematically dismantling false teachings one by one.

We are in a time of worldwide transformation, and unless a miracle intervenes, we could experience a quantum leap more radical than when the Renaissance appeared, driving the Dark Ages out of history.  A New World Order could arrive almost overnight and be unlike anything the world has ever seen, affecting every life on the planet.  Yet it may not be the utopian future of universal brotherhood we are all being primed to expect by today's power players and experts.  One World uncovers the deep and often hidden forces behind the sweeping changes taking place right now.

In Revelation Unveiled, Dr. Tim LaHaye, coauthor with Jerry Jenkins of the best-selling novels Left Behind and Tribulation Force, reveals the scriptural foundation of this series.  Revelation Unveiled explains such critical topics as: the Rapture of the church, The Great Tribulation, the seven seals, the seven trumpets, the seven bowls of wrath, the destruction of Babylon, the return of Christ, the Final battle against Satan and his hosts, the Millennial reign, the Great White Throne judgment, the new heavens and new earth.  Previously titled Revelation Illustrated and Made Plain, this revised and updated commentary includes numerous charts.  With simple and accessible language, Revelation Unveiled will help you better understand this mysterious, final book of the Bible and its implications for our times.

It is not just for Bible scholars, pastors, and seminary students.  Nearly one fourth of Scripture was prophetic when it was written, so obviously God intended through these predictions to reveal something about His character and his faithfulness - not just to the people who first heard them, but to us who read them today.  Indeed, prophecy does much to demonstrate not only our future hope as believers in Jesus Christ but also the accuracy of the Bible, the righteousness of God, and meaning of history.  John F. Walvoord, one of the preeminent Bible prophecy scholars in the world today, explains in one volume every key prophecy from Genesis to Revelation - those already fulfilled as well as those yet to be fulfilled.  He also discusses the importance of prophecy and guidelines for interpreting it.

Are you -
  • curious or fearful about what the future holds?
  • puzzled by all the different arguments about the end times?
  • confused by words like "eschatology" and "pre-millennial"?
  • wondering how Bible prophecy really affects your life?

With their trademark humor and keen insight, Bruce and Stan are your guides to the fascinating world of Bible prophecy.  Whether you are someone who wonders "why all the fuss about the end times?" or a seasoned prophecy buff, you'll appreciate Bruce and Stan's clear, down-to-earth explanations of what lies in store for the human race.