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The Practice of Scientology

Auditing:  The first and most basic step in the practice of Scientology is the audit.  Scientologist do not believe man is sinful.  They believe that what we would call sin, is actually the result of the burden of guilt and repressed memories carried over from past lives.  This burden needs to be dealt with in order to cleanse the individual of his or her negative past, so that they will not sin or suffer from mental illness. 

In the auditing process, an auditor (who is a Scientologist who has progressed successfully through all the levels of training) will sit with the subject and help that person to explore areas of personal spiritual conflict within themselves.  As part of the auditing process, the subject may be hooked up to this interesting contraption shown here to the right.  This is an "electropsychometer" or E-Meter.  This unique device was developed by L. Ron Hubbard (no surprise from a sci-fi author).  The E-Meter is said to detect changes in the mental or emotional state of the subject during the auditing process, thereby helping the auditor to identify areas of spiritual distress that lie just below the awareness level of the subject.  Once these areas of distress have been identified and dealt with, the subject can then obtain a state of spiritual being called "CLEAR".  It is in this state that the person's inherent goodness is restored.

Training:  Part of the spiritual path of the scientologist is known as the "Bridge".  Through a combination of progressive training in the works of L. Ron Hubbard, and continued auditing, a scientologist can progress on the Bridge to spiritual levels above CLEAR.  Above Clear are the Operating Thetan (OT) Levels. The thetan is the immortal spiritual being, the individual himself, not his body or mind or anything else. It is not something he has, but what he is, a fact that becomes abundantly clear on these upper levels. The goal of Clear is to remove from one's existence those things which are not part of his inherent spiritual self. The goal of Operating Thetan is to overcome the travails of existence and regain the certainty and abilities of one's native spiritual beingness. At this level one knows that he is separate and apart from such material things as physical form or the physical universe.

NOTE:  I said earlier that Scientologists will initially say that each member may still continue to attend whatever church they wish.  However, it is reported that at the upper levels of training, L.Ron Hubbard's works make it abundantly clear that he not only disagrees with Christianity, he went so far to call Jesus Christ a hot-tempered pedophile.  Obviously, such blasphemy must cast serious doubts on the "enlightened" teachings of Mr. Hubbard. 

The great truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ are not found in this cult.  To the Scientologist I must say this:  there is absolute truth in this world.  There is one eternal God.  God is inherently good.  Man, who lives but one life on this earth, is inherently sinful.  God took on flesh in the person of Jesus Christ to pay the sacrifice for your sins.  You can do nothing to save yourself except to accept the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Mr. Hubbard was not enlightened, and his teachings are not enlightened.  You can still experience the joy that comes only through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Click on the Romans Road link on the main page of this website.  It will tell you how to be saved.   Our prayers are with you.