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Warning:  While it is important for Christians to understand the world of the occult, it is not our intention to stimulate anyone's curiosity to the point where interest becomes an unhealthy obsession.  Humans have always had a certain fascination about evil, so it is prudent to take the advice of Paul when researching information on the occult. 

I want you to be wise in what is good and innocent in what is evil"  Romans 16:19 

C.S. Lewis once commented, 

There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils.  One is to disbelieve in their existence.  The other is to believe, and to feel an unhealthy interest in them.  They themselves are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight. 

There have been many news articles recently that show a growing interest in Wicca in many parts of the world.  Wicca is the name for a contemporary pagan revival of witchcraft.  Contrary to popular stereotypes, Wicca, is not witches in black hats, riding brooms and casting spells, although I don't doubt there are some who still get involved in different kinds of sorcery.  Modern day Wicca, much like other faiths and churches in the world today, has fallen in line with the new age, humanist movement.  Many of Wicca's core beliefs are completely compatible with humanist, new age beliefs and have taken on the Earth worship aspect and the deification of man that all of the new age religions are known for.  While all witchcraft and neopagan groups vary widely in their rituals, techniques, and some beliefs, they are consistent in their doctrine of nature worship, goddess worship, and a oneness or connectedness of the cosmos.  Here we will examine in further detail some of those beliefs, and present a Christian response.


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